Several Reasons Why Your Engine May be Overheating

Being able to locate the source of the trouble with your car overheating can save you time and money in repairs.

  • First look to see if the radiator cap was secure, it may have fallen off while driving.
  • Next, look to see if the radiator hoses are tightly secured and the clamps are all in working order.
  • Take a closer look at the fan belts. They should be nice and tight, so if you see them loose or perhaps one snapped off, it could certainly result in the car engine overheating.
  • The water pump will give away signs it is failing which is a top cause of an overheated engine. Once the engine is cool, run your fingers under the pump and feel for any signs of engine coolant leaking because the bearing is shot.

Our service team at Keller Bros. Ford Lebanon can repair the issue so your vehicle does not have this issue moving forward.

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