Choose a Vehicle That Takes Care of Itself with the Ford C-MAX

Even for people who love their vehicles and the work that goes into it, taking care of your vehicle can be a lot of work. Therefore, we at Keller Bros. Ford Lebanon have looked into vehicles that take care of themselves. We have been impressed with the 2018 Ford C-MAX because it takes away from some of the work that needs to be done on the vehicle.

One of the ways that this vehicle takes care of itself is through the rain sensing wipers. These wipers automatically come on when the vehicle senses rain. This saves a lot of work while driving. You can even set the level of sensitivity so that it does not come on when you don't need it.

With other features like MyKey and SmartGauge, you will learn why it is important to change your driving habits. You will also make improvements to your driving with the help of the features in the 2018 Ford C-MAX.

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