Air-Conditioning Hoses in Your Car

Air-conditioning requires the use of hoses to carry a fluid coolant between the condenser and the evaporator. The compressor pressures the coolant into the evaporator where heat is absorbed. The fluid is then circulated to the condenser where the heat dissipates. The system is highly pressurized to ensure adequate flow of the coolant.

Flexible coolant hoses are widely used in vehicles due to the cramped environment in which they are placed. The coolant circulates in a system where it experiences constant pressure and temperature changes. Any leaks in a hose causes immediate failure of the system as the coolant seeks the course of least resistance.

Most coolants used in automotive air-conditioning systems are corrosive. Therefore, air-conditioning hoses must be flexible yet resistant to the corrosive nature of the coolant.

If you find a coolant hose leak, get your car to our service center at Keller Bros. Ford Lebanon in Lebanon, PA for immediate repair.

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