See How the Ford Expedition Dominates the Competition

Safety is an important aspect in any vehicle. Could you choose the Ford Expedition or GMC Yukon based on the safety capabilities offered? SUVs have capabilities to promote driving safety. The capabilities of each full-size SUV can help with your decision.

Safety features of the 2018 Ford Expedition include a rear view camera with back assistance grids, Safety Canopy, and Individual Tire Pressure Monitoring System (ITPMS). The camera assists the driver when backing up and enables you to see the rear of the vehicle. The Safety Canopy protects drivers from rollover accidents. ITPMS helps monitor tire pressure. The 2018 GMC Yukon also has the rearview camera, but it doesn’t have the Safety Canopy available. The GMC SUV also has a feature similar to the ITPMS to ensure tires have the recommended amount of air pressure.

Drivers wants to be able to drive safely throughout Lebanon, PA. You can visit Keller Bros. Motor Co for a test drive and make a more informed decision regarding what SUV to select.

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