Test Drive the New Ford EcoSport at Keller Bros. Ford Lebanon

Hatchbacks and crossover SUVs have steadily been rising in market share for over a decade now. Due to the fact that many auto buyers are shying away from minivans, there is a major demand for vehicles that transport passengers, can load cargo, and have decent miles per gallon- the Ford EcoSport was designed to be this vehicle.

There are two features that highlight the best side of the new Ford EcoSport. The offroad capabilities of the EcoSport are the first. This vehicle can go places no minivan could go- it is great for camping, or if you live in a rural area, for living. The EcoSport is also phenomenal for the amount of cargo you can hold. Both back seats will fold down to create more cargo space.

Test Drive the New Ford EcoSport. Visit our showroom in Lebanon today!

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