Take a Look at the New Ford Focus Design

The new Ford Focus is designed for higher value while keeping to an efficient yet polished look. Drivers note the new Ford Focus has a clean look and lots of entertainment built into the new technology package. However, the exterior and interiors are all new this year. More emphasis has been placed on the quality of the materials as well, and there is new cargo room in the back for all of your storage needs.

The Ford Focus has a nifty infotainment system that hooks up to Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. This includes a 4.2-inch LED screen that comes with voice recognition, four-speaker audio system, and Bluetooth. You can always upgrade to get the 8-inch touch screen version with the premium package. The engine is made for fuel efficiency. but there are different trims that you can pick up to increase your power and speed.

You can check out all of the latest Ford Focus models at Keller Bros. Ford Lebanon located in Lebanon, PA.

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