Durability Features of the Ford Super Duty

In the heavy-duty pickup class, the Ford Super Duty is a popular choice, built for rugged dependability and a readiness to face whatever task you've got in mind.

Cutting weight to improve gas mileage without sacrificing strength, the new aluminum alloy body sits on both an all-steel chassis and axles. The aluminum alloy resists dents along with being impervious to rust. The all-steel frame has 10 cross members for superior support all along the length of the vehicle and improves the payload rating of the pickup's bed. Sensors actively adjust both the brakes and engine power on a minute-by-minute basis when hauling a load to minimize swaying no matter what the weather or road conditions entail.

You're invited to visit Keller Bros. Ford Lebanon in Lebanon, PA to test drive the new Ford Super Duty. If you've got any questions about its many features, we'll be on hand to answer them for you.

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