The Sound Behind the Ford Mustang

What do you feel when you hear the engine of a sports car revving? Sound can evoke a variety of emotions and with the Ford Mustang, this is even more apparent.

Engineered for performance, this popular performance car can change its exhaust sound to match your mood. A throaty rumble might make your hair stand, and is even more apparent on larger engines in the GT and Shelby.

If you’re in the mood for a more quiet drive, there’s a switch on the center console to change the sound. It comes with the addition of a sport and track setting as well. That way you can match the sound with your mood.

This is just one way that the Ford Mustang is combining performance with technology. We invite you to take a look when you visit us here at Keller Bros. Ford Lebanon and take one out for a test drive in Lebanon, PA today.

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