The Ford Mustang Offers Superb Handling on the Track

Featuring four seats, two doors, and a powerful engine, the Ford Mustang seems to have a timeless design. If you look closely at this muscle car, you'll notice vintage styling concepts. You'll also admire some of the cutting-edge technology in the cabin and under the hood, such as the turbocharged EcoBoost engine. Visit Keller Bros. Ford Lebanon in Lebanon, PA and discover the high-performance installations in this legendary American car that pays homage to its rich heritage.

Up to 10 gear speeds are available in the Ford Mustang's automatic transmission system, which retains the classic SelectShift technology. The gearbox works smoothly with the rear-wheel drive, which grips the road much better than a front-wheel drive. This sporty Ford model also has other performance-oriented installations, like the Electronic Line Lock that's reserved for track use. Similarly, the Launch Control is an exclusive technology that allows the car to accelerate with explosive power on a closed course.

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