5 Automotive Jobs for Car Lovers

Cars are everything, especially if you live in the U.S. Did you know that almost 80 million vehicles are expected to be sold worldwide by the end of 2019? 

With so many new automobiles hitting the road, we’re going to need more vehicle-oriented workers. That could be where you come in! If you love cars, here are five cool jobs that might be perfect for you!

Car Detailer 

Car detailers can work in a variety of unique automotive environments like car dealerships, custom body shops, and service garages. 

The responsibility of a car detailer is to expertly clean and polish vehicles inside and out. Car washing, waxing, shining, and sparkling can be therapeutic, especially if you get to tidy up high-end sport, performance, and luxury models on a regular basis. 

Car detailing doesn’t require any formal education, just attention-to-detail and dedication. According to Indeed, car detailers make almost $12 an hour on average. Not bad!

Automotive Instructor

Do you have a passion for education as well as cars? Then this is the gig for you! Automotive Instructors usually work in a classroom setting at vocational and technical schools.

 An auto instructor’s primary responsibility is to educate students on topics like engine repair, maintenance, part replacement, and really anything transportation-related. 

To get into a job like this, you’ll most likely need a Bachelor’s degree as well as a teaching certificate if you want to work in a public school. It’s well worth it however, as auto instructors can make upwards of $53,000 per year on average according to PayScale.

Car Rental Agent 

Car rental is one of the most popular choices for frequent travelers and vacationers, and there are a lot of those! 

As a car rental agent, you’d get to help people meet their travel needs with a quality ride. Rental agents also help with paperwork and any questions renters may have about their chosen vehicle.  

No formal degree is required to become a car rental agent, but excellent customer service and a good deal of inventory knowledge will be needed to succeed in this role. According to ZipRecruiter, average pay for this job is about $27,411 per year.


If you live in or near a high-end city, this job is a dream come true. As a valet for fancy nightclubs, restaurants, casinos, and hotels you’ll be responsible for the careful parking and eventual retrieval of guests’ precious vehicles. 

If you work as a valet in a city like Los Angeles or New York, it’s possible to rub elbows with high-profile celebrities and politicians on top of getting the opportunity to get behind the wheel of some extremely nice rides. 

To handle this job, you’ll need a valid driver’s license, exceptional customer service skills, and a knack for punctuality. Many valets rely on tips to make the most out of their income, but Glassdoor reports base income as high as $22,513 annually.

Automotive Engineer

Manufacturing companies across the world rely heavily on automotive engineers to deliver the absolute best tech, safety features, design elements, and performance for their models. After all, if your car isn’t competitive with the best on the market, then it isn’t likely to sell very well.

To become an automotive engineer, you’ll need at least a Bachelor’s degree in a related field, an effective set of STEM tools to keep up with the newest innovations, and a proven track record of success in key business areas like problem solving, analytics, and critical thinking. 

It may sound like a lot, but according to Indeed, automotive engineers earn over $83,000 a year on average, making the necessary education and experience well worth it!

Bonus: Dealership Sales Staff Member

To be a truly great sales staff member at a quality dealership like Keller Bros. Ford, you need nothing less than the absolute best inventory knowledge, incredible customer service skills, and a friendly, caring demeanor.

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