Ready Yourself For Winter Weather

Winter weather is here and Keller Bros in Lebanon wants to make sure you’re prepared. Getting your vehicle ready for winter involves more than just keeping an ice scraper handy. Make sure you stay safe on the road this winter and follow our tips below.

Self-Prepared Emergency Kit

Most people know the benefits of keeping jumper cables on hand, but do you know it's best to prepare an emergency kit for your car?

While band-aids may come in handy, a winter weather emergency kit should also include an extra set of clothes, a blanket, ready-to-eat food and bottled water. Smartphone batteries don’t last forever, so storing a flashlight in your vehicle may come in handy as well. In case you get stuck, you may need items such as a small shovel, abrasive material like non clumping kitty-litter, and flares.


Now that your vehicle is stocked with supplies, don’t forget to check your tires. You want to check your tires for two things: pressure and tread. As temperatures begin to drop, so does the pressure in your vehicle’s tires. Did you know for every 10 degree Fahrenheit drop in temperature, your tires lose 1 PSI. For your vehicle’s necessary tire PSI, check your owner’s manual.

With low tire pressure, your vehicle won’t grip the road as well and could lead to a flat tire. Tires with low tread also don’t grip the roadways as well. If your tires are balding, you will want to buy a new set of tires before the first snow falls. Depending on where you live, if snow and ice are prevalent during the winter and there is a lot of steep terrain, you may want to consider purchasing snow tires for the season.


Now is the time to also inspect your windshield as well as windshield wipers. Any chips or cracks in your windshield from summer road trips could expand to a fully cracked windshield in the cold winter temperatures. You will want to replace your windshield before this happens as this can seriously affect your visibility while driving. Windshield wipers should also be replaced about once a year. If you’re due for new wiper blades, don’t hesitate to replace them.

Not sure if your vehicle is ready for the winter? Whether you want to replace your tires or want to find an all-wheel drive vehicle you feel safe in this winter, Keller Bros Ford in Lebanon is here to help! Stop by today and our service and sales team will be excited to help you out.

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