Don’t Let Road Salt Ruin Your Vehicle This Winter


As snow and sleet enter the forecast, the Department of Transportation takes a series of precautionary measures. In addition to plowing our roadways, they also dispense salt to help the snow and ice melt. While treating the roads with salt helps keep hazardous driving conditions at bay, it often leaves a residue on your vehicle. Many of us focus on getting home safe that we forget our vehicle still needs to be attended to after the snowfall ends. Leaving this salt on your vehicle will have negative impacts on your vehicle’s overall health.


Most of your vehicle’s undercarriage is left unprotected and vulnerable to the elements. While it's easy to forget about what you can’t see, allowing the salt to sit on your vehicle’s undercarriage will eat away at the exposed parts and cause them to rust, such as your muffler and brake lines. Allowing your brake lines to rust will ultimately lead them to fail. In addition to parts exposed under the vehicle, the salt will also eat away at your vehicle’s paint, if left unattended. 


To prevent corrosion and rusting, it’s important to wash  your vehicle after the snowstorm. Allow a few days to pass before doing so, so your vehicle isn’t picking up salt from the roadways yet. It is also recommended to find a carwash that power washes your vehicle’s undercarriage to clean hard to reach places the salt will get into. While temperatures are cold in the winter, it is best to wash your vehicle during the daytime when temperatures are above freezing so it has time to dry. 


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