Looking Out For Black Ice

As temperatures drop, precipitation begins to create more dangerous driving conditions. Rain turns to snow or sleet, and puddles turn into black ice. This black ice, also referred to as clear ice, consists of a thin coat of ice covering a surface, often appearing black as the roadway beneath it is still visible. KellerBros Ford in Lebanon wants to help you identify black ice and know how to appropriately handle a situation if you find yourself driving on it. 

Black ice forms mostly when the air temperature is warm enough for precipitation to appear as rain, but ground surfaces are below 32 degrees Fahrenheit. This freezing ground temperature causes the moisture to freeze upon impact and create ice. Where freezing rain can appear white murky due to trapped air bubbles, black ice is nearly clear.

How does black ice form

How to Prepare

Black ice can form anywhere, but is most likely to become an issue on roadways that see little sunlight. With heavy tree coverage or a gloomy winter, roadways lack the ability to warm up above freezing temperatures. To prepare your vehicle, invest in a set of winter tires to enhance traction on slippery roads and drive at reduced speeds. If driving on black ice is a possibility in your commute, avoid cruise control.

My Car’s on Black Ice. Now What?

When you find yourself driving on black ice, resist slamming on the brakes. Panicking and reacting with braking, or jerky steering wheel motions can cause more skidding and possibly an accident. If you’re vehicle is front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive, turn your steering wheel into the skid, changing your steering wheel direction with the direction your vehicle is skidding. Remain calm and do not oversteer, or you may send your backend in the opposite direction. Maintain your speed without applying the brake pedal or the gas pedal. Once you’ve regained control of your vehicle, gently apply the accelerator.

Worried about how your vehicle will handle black ice and snow this winter? Check out our all-wheel drive inventory at KellerBros Ford in Lebanon today!

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