Continued Support For Police From Ford

For nearly 70 years, Ford has offered new vehicle models for law enforcement specifically tailored for their needs. Since 1950, Ford has been there to support police in the United States from the first Interceptor, the Crown Victoria, and now the 2020 Police Interceptor Utility.  

As technology advances, vehicles become more efficient, powerful, and safe, and the 2020 Interceptor is no exception. Using cutting edge hybrid technology, the Interceptor has every tool necessary to make it the safest most cost cutting law enforcement vehicle ever.

As a feature of the new hybrid powertrain, the engine shuts off to conserve fuel during stopped or idle periods. While older models would need to keep the gas engine running to maintain access to radios, computers, emergency lighting, the 2020 Interceptor uses its lithium-ion hybrid battery to power these features. Given the fuel saving capabilities of this option, if every Police Interceptor Utility sold in 2017 had this feature, over 43 million gallons of fuel would have been saved.

Beyond saving money on fuel costs, the Interceptor excels at keeping officers safe while on the job. Though they are constantly on the alert, an extra set of sensors are always active monitoring 270 degrees around the vehicle to alert the officer of any potentially threatening behavior. When such activity is identified, the doors lock and windows go up to keep those inside the vehicle safe. But that’s not the only way Ford is incorporating safety features.

With specially designed crumple zones for collisions, and features like Pre-Collision Assist and Pedestrian Detection warnings, no other vehicle is better equipped to handle the rigors of police work while keeping officers safe. The automatic braking features can be disabled when executing focused immobilization techniques when the need shows itself.

The newest addition to a legacy of support for law enforcement the 2020 Police Interceptor Utility is set to be the most efficient and advanced police vehicle on the road. Top rated for safety and capability, the Interceptor is one more way Ford is working to keep officers safe every day.

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