Ford Shares its Beekeeping Efforts with Heroes to Hives


Many veterans have a hard time readjusting to civilian life, but one veteran found out a way to make the process a lot easier. His name is Adam Ingrao, and like many veterans he comes from a military family. 


When Ingrao’s military career ended he had a tough time acclimating back to civilian life, but after a few years he found his solace. Ingrao and several other veterans started the Heroes to Hives program. This nine-month program promotes personal and financial wellness for veterans via professional training and community development all centered on beekeeping.


Heroes to Hives needed a space to expand to, and Southeast Michigan seemed perfect, that’s where Ford came in. Cormac Wright, Ford global energy systems project manager, learned about Heroes to Hives needs and he new there was a great opportunity for both organizations. 


Coincidentally, Wright spearheads the Ford corporate-wide beekeeping program, and of course Heroes to Hives aligns with these efforts. Wright approached Heroes to Hives and give them a new location in Southeast Michigan.


Now Heroes to Hives can be found at Ford Cherry Hill Farm. The location is an 800-acre working farm that used to be the home to Ford’s tractor division. Now it’s the home to thousands of bees and plants that are perfect for the buzzing pollinators.This new collaboration is great for Ford, great for veterans, and great for the bees!


“Most veterans in the state reside in Southeast Michigan,” said Ingrao. “Ford has enabled us to provide a more accessible location for many of our Heroes to Hives participants.”

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