Ford Fiesta Performance Features

For those drivers who look for fuel economy, the Ford Fiesta is the best option. With high marks in reliability and performance within its compact market, the Ford Fiesta offers a lot for drivers who just want the best vehicle for the price. The Fiesta has a lot of customization options, but the base model has a four-cylinder engine that can put out 120 horsepower. You can always upgrade to the Ford Fiesta ST, which has a faster acceleration due to the 197-horsepower from a turbocharged engine.

However, it’s the fuel economy that truly matters with this vehicle’s performance. It’s made to save drivers money on gas with an EcoBoost option that helps you conserve energy when you’re on the road. You can start getting 37 mpg or more with your Ford Fiesta. In addition, the American automaker upgraded much of the suspension system and transmission with the latest Fiesta.

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