The 2019 Ford Escape Offers Comfortable Amenities

The 2019 Ford Escape is a comfortable and sporty midsize SUV. This popular vehicle offers drivers and passengers a number of attractive and comfort promoting amenities. These include a wide variety of connectivity choices as well as specialized lighting schemes.

The 2019 Ford Escape offers occupants the convenience of the Sirius XM satellite radio system. The Sirius XM system provides listeners with over 150 channels that feature content from many genres. Whether occupants prefer news, sports, or anything else, the Travel Link system stands ready to provide it. Also included in this package is a proprietary GPS system. This system gives drivers the insight of 3D visualizations and also allows them to interact with the system by voice.

The 2019 Ford Escape also includes a variety of specialized lighting schemes in its design. The Escape headlights use HID technology that emits lights of higher color temperatures and illumination values. Also included in this package are LED lights that help the vehicle to stand out during evening hours.

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