Ford Fusion: Lights and Sounds How You Need Them

Ford Fusion's reputation is that of a comfortable car that rides well. That's part of why it's a popular midsize sedan. Also boosting its appeal are its smart features.

Don't you hate being blinded by another driver's bright lights? Even so, you've probably blinded another driver by forgetting to turn off your bright, but Fusion has a solution. Its Auto High-Beam Headlamps sense poor lighting and automatically switch on when needed. They also sense oncoming traffic and dim automatically so your lights aren't too bright for vehicles coming your way. Also coming your way are all the sounds you want to hear, thanks to the more than 150 channels on SiriusXM Radio. Music, news, sports and more accessed by pressing one button. Add the SYNC feature to pause, rewind and replay audio.

Visit Keller Bros. Ford Lebanon in Lebanon, PA to experience these features during a test drive.

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