Ford to Officially Unveil Mustang-Inspired All-Electric SUV on Nov. 17

Ford has been incredibly careful not to spoil any of the details about their soon-to-be-released all-electric SUV, which they first teased way back in January 2018. But now, the prestigious motor company has teased the unveiling of their top-secret project via an artsy craftsmanship video on the official Ford Media site.

We don’t know much so far, but Ford has stated that this upcoming SUV is designed to be as far from boring as possible, as it will take inspiration from the iconic Ford Mustang. Additionally, Ford has claimed the upcoming E-SUV will be capable of traveling more than 300 miles on a single charge. 

Pricing, naming, and capability details have yet to be announced, but the all-new E-SUV is expected to be the flagship vehicle for Ford’s latest push into the electric vehicle market. 

Ford is expected to throw at least $11 billion into the electric car industry and plans to produce as many as 40 all-electric or Hybrid vehicles through 2022, including a rumored all-electric F-150.

The latest example of Ford’s new mission came to light earlier this month, when the company introduced its “FordPass Charging Network,” the single-largest network of electric vehicle charging stations in North America. 

Going forward, Ford plans to be one of the leading electric vehicle manufacturers in the world. But until this Mustang-inspired E-SUV is officially released, feel free to head to Keller Bros. Lebanon to check out our inventory of unique EcoBoost and Hybrid vehicles like the
2019 Ford Fusion.
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