Automotive Ingenuity of the 21st Century Equals The 2019 Ford Edge ST

Automotive ingenuity of the 21st century comes in the form of the 2019 Ford Edge ST. This SUV is performance-based and is a step up from its standard model. From its technological innovations to its stunning good looks, the 2019 Edge ST has no flaws.

This SUV's exterior is quite impressive with its eye-catching front fascia. The front fascia sports a blacked-out mesh grille and well-crafted fog lights. LED lighting completes the look to the front-end and the rear-end looks just as impressive with its protruding exhaust. There's even a wing that jets out over the rear window to enhance the flare. For better body control, the Edge ST has been constructed with a lower center of gravity. This comes in handy while taking the curves. The steering is much sharper than its predecessor, and the ST comes equipped with a suite of preventive safety features.

If you're interested in test driving the Ford Edge ST, then stop by our location at your convenience.

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