Ford Commits to Education as Survey Shows Many People Believe Myths About Electric Vehicles


“They can’t drive in the snow!” “They’re no fun to drive.” “An electric truck will never be able to haul a heavy load.” Do you think any of these thoughts on electric vehicles are true? We hope not because they’re common misconceptions: myths! 


A survey of Americans and those around the world revealed the majority of drivers expect electric vehicles to replace gasoline-engine cars in the near future, but myths and misconceptions surrounding them may prevent them from making the switch.


Only 19 percent of Americans would trust an all-electric vehicle in bad weather and only 28 percent would pick one over a traditional car if they needed to get somewhere in an emergency. Furthermore, only 18 percent think an electric car can be faster than a gas-powered one, and only 13 percent of drivers would choose an electric vehicle to tow something. 


With these findings in mind, Ford released there Electric Learning Zone website that aims to educate drivers on all the benefits and capabilities of electric vehicles! 


There are videos like the one featuring the Mustang-inspired prototype ripping around in the snow and another showing off a fully electric F-150 towing over 1,000,000 pounds. 


This proves that so many misconceptions are just that: misconceptions!

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