If you want to experience something special, pay a visit to Keller Bros. Ford Lebanon and just listen to the sound coming from the exhaust on the Ford Mustang. This is a popular performance car that continues to impress its drivers. You will love the sound coming from the exhaust and the power you experience behind the wheel.

The audio engineers completely changed the way the exhaust sounds with the Mustang. It is like music that represents the power of the Mustang in a way other cars simply cannot replicate. You will appreciate the difference that this car brings to the road.

With the Ford Mustang, you also get three different sounds coming from the exhaust. You actually get to choose which one you prefer depending on the mood you are in and where you are driving. You can switch between sounds by pushing a button in the center console. Keller Bros. Ford Lebanon will be happy to arrange a test drive for you.

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