In today’s society we live life on the go. Always on the move, we hop in our cars racing from one place to the next. Because we rely on our vehicles to take us place to place, it’s important to regularly pause and check the perimeter of our vehicle before we head out for the day. By taking a minute or two to check your car’s exterior from the tires to the lights, you can save yourself a call to roadside assistance as well save yourself from paying a fine.


Before You Start Your Car

We’re all eager to jump into our car and start it up on cold mornings, but before you do so, it’s important to knock on the hood or beep your horn a few times. Many rodents and small animals, including house cats, find their way under the hood of your car, climbing in from the exposed undercarriage, seeking heat nestled up to the motor. Instead of fatally harming an animal that’s resting under your hood, take a moment to startle it awake and give it a few seconds to vacate before turning on your engine. It’ll save a life and other possible issues.



It’s important to regularly walk around your vehicle and check your tires regardless if they’re brand new, still have plenty of tread on them, or if it’s approaching time to replace them. Sharp objects such as nails end up on the roads that we travel all the time and are capable of puncturing our tires. By investigating your tires regularly, you can identify a slow leak before it becomes a problem. As soon as you spot it, you can either take the tire off and put on your spare, or if it's safe to do so, you can drive your car to your local tire center, and they can patch it for you. If you don’t take notice of your tire losing air, you can risk driving it while it’s flat and damage the rim, causing an even more costly fix. 



It’s also important to regularly check that your lights all function properly from your turn signals to your headlights and taillights. Driving with a light that is burned out can lead to getting pulled over and issued a costly fine. Instead, walk around your vehicle with your lights on and test each turn signal to make sure all of your lights work. If one is out, a new bulb is inexpensive and easy to replace either on your own or by taking it to a service center.

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