There’s no doubt about it. The all-new 2021 Ford Bronco is back and better than ever before. 


There have been many imitators throughout the off-road automotive industry over the course of five decades, but in reality, there’s only one iconic name in true all-terrain sports utility vehicles. 


Without further ado, here are five Bronco features that prove there’s only one king of the wild.

Mirror Placement

It’s easy to overlook this neat little feature, but the difference it makes is significant enough to warrant special mention.


On other off-road SUV models, the vehicles’ side mirrors are located on the doors, just like they are on most street vehicles. That’s all fine and dandy, until you want to make use of your ride’s removable door features. At that point, a lack of mirrors can prose a problem, especially when you’re ripping through the woods and splashing through riverbeds.


On the all-new Bronco, the side mirrors are mounted on the vehicle’s cowl, meaning they stay exactly where you need them when you start stripping down your adventure-mobile to the essentials. 

Tech That Tackles Any Trail

The all-new 2021 Ford Bronco will also feature a newly developed arsenal of technologies designed specifically to make it even easier to hit the dirt roads and rocky paths that make up the majority of American terrain.


Bronco’s Trail Turn Assist locks the inside rear wheel when attempting tight cornering, making sketchy three-point turns on narrow mountain trails a lot less intimidating. This pivoting feature is exclusive to Bronco, and should make your next awe-inspiring journey a little less death-defying.


Trail Turn Assist is just one feature on what Ford is calling the Trail Toolbox, which also includes Trail control, a feature that is basically the off-road equivalent of off-road cruise control. This feature eliminates the need to meticulously modulate the throttle as you cruise through the uncharted corners of the map, but it can be turned off at any time for more experienced travelers who prefer a more rugged experience.


Trail One Pedal Drive will also debut as part of Ford's Trail Toolbox. This feature takes the liberty of applying the brake as soon as you lift off the throttle, thus eliminating the tiring experience of two-foot driving and making things a little more inviting for off-road newcomers.

Hydraulic Front Sway Bar

The front sway bar is a staple in any off-road ride, and it is incredibly useful on pavement as a means of keeping handling in check. Traditional sway bars can hinder wheel articulation when things get rough however, and that’s where the Bronco’s all-new sway bar system comes in.


Normally, in most other off-road vehicles, you’d have to disconnect the front sway bar before hitting the trail, but with the Bronco’s unique hydraulic setup, this problem can be addressed on-the-fly in real-time. 


The next time you find yourself stuck in the rocks with one wheel off the ground, simply disconnect the sway bar with the push of a button, and watch the tire meet the turf.

Factory 35-Inch Tires on All Trims

Speaking of tires, when it comes to all-terrain driving, bigger is usually better. 


Sure, competitor vehicles often do take the time to allow enough space for a larger tire, but luckily for fans of the Bronco, Ford will offer 35-inch tires straight from the factory. This means you don’t have to spend the time, money, and effort getting beefier tires installed on the aftermarket.


For the big 2021 return, the Bronco will come standard on newly developed Goodyear Territory tires, a shoe that the Ford Motor Company must have serious confidence in if the company is willing to choose it over the popular BF Goodrich KO2 or Falken Wildpeak tires of other off-road connoisseurs.

The Spirit of the Wilderness at Heart

Ford’s new Bronco family is built specifically to help you take on any adventure. From its rugged, woodsy exterior to it’s modern cabin, it’s 100% Built Wild. The all-new Bronco family seeks to impress via a number of thoughtful and functional features that usually fly under the radar.


Among these is the small mounting rack for your cell phone which runs across the dash, a GoPro camera to ensure you’ll capture every crag, and even a 12-volt outlet that allows for easy power access.


Available marine-grade vinyl seats can be easily hosed off following a particularly muddy day, and Molle hooks mounted on the seat backs allow for extra security when it comes to cargo storage.


All removable roof parts and doors can be conveniently stored on-board as well, meaning you won’t have to worry about getting exposed to the elements when unexpected weather hits.


Long story short, the Ford Bronco didn’t become a legend overnight. It took fifty years for the king to ascend to its throne, and it isn’t looking to be usurped anytime soon. 

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