The change in season is finally upon us! Summer has officially begun, and with it comes a whole new slate of responsibilities regarding your vehicle’s road-ready conditioning. 


The warmer months bring more road trips, family gatherings, and outdoor activity which can present increased challenges to your vehicle’s well-being. Check out these five key maintenance tasks you should take care of before you hit the road this summer. 

Check Your Tires


Ideally, tires should be checked regularly all-year round. To guarantee that your vehicle is ready for any summer adventure, air pressure should be correct, tire tread should be free of stones, stray nails, and other debris, and all four tires should have comparable wear.


Make sure you also have your spare primed and ready for action in the event that you need to perform an emergency tire change while out and about.


Taking care to double check these aspects of your tires will improve your ability to enjoy your summer road trips without worrying about an increased possibility of flat tires, pricey vehicle tows, or losing control of your vehicle in heavy summer storms.

Take a Closer look at Your Wipers


Speaking of heavy summer storms, it’s also important that your summer maintenance checklist includes taking care to dutifully inspect your windshield wiper blades. In our neck of the woods, summer weather brings summer storms, and you never want to be saddled with less-than-stellar wipers when caught out in the rain.


Worn or low-quality wipers can cause nasty streaking across your windshield, which in turn can lead to decreased visibility, which is exactly the opposite of your wipers’ purpose.


Replacing your wipers with new, high-quality blades doesn't cost much, and it can save you serious headaches the next time you find yourself driving through a thunderstorm.

Clean Your Air Filters


Another important vehicle maintenance task that is often overlooked is your car’s vital air filters. The nasty weather of winter can cause decomposing leaves, salt and silt, and other debris to clog up your vehicle’s air filters. 


With brighter days ahead, the summer season can be a good time to replace your air filter or take out and clean your existing one. Doing so can increase the quality of air entering your engine, which in turn leads to better efficiency and performance from your ride.


Many newer cars also come equipped with cabin air filters that ensure the air quality inside your vehicle is clean and free of irritants. Most of the time, cabin air filters can be easily changed or cleaned at home. 

Ensure Your A/C is Cool and Collected


Given the summer’s tendency to bring hot, muggy weather, this one may seem like a no-brainer. Nevertheless, you should always make sure that your vehicle’s air-conditioning system is up to the task. 


Summer temps in and around Lebanon, Pennsylvania can reach surprisingly high numbers, and in this part of the world, A/C is a summer essential. Locals are all too familiar with how cold the winter can get too, and that means for over half the year, vehicle A/C usually goes unused. That’s another reason why frequent checks of this system are vital.


Coolant leaks in your air-conditioning system can become a problem, leading to complete A/C failure when you need it most. Luckily, most automotive stores carry leak-sealing or refrigerant recharging products at a reasonable price, and these products are often simple enough to use yourself. 


Keep in mind though that if you are dealing with a lack of refrigerant in your system, you likely have a leak. Be sure to have a qualified mechanic repair it before going with a recharge product.

Maintain Your Coolant System


Drivers and passengers aren’t the only ones who need to stay cool in the sweltering summer heat, so does your vehicle’s engine. Keeping things cool under the hood is absolutely paramount to getting the most out of your car this summer.


You should regularly check coolant and other fluids to make sure your vehicle has everything it needs to operate at peak performance. You can also go the extra mile to inspect your hoses and coolant reservoir. 


Always keep an eye out for leaks, especially at vital connection points such as where your hose connects to your engine block. It can also be a good idea to squeeze your hoses every so often to ensure that they are firm and tight. Be warned however, you should only do this when the engine is cool.

At Keller Bros. Pre-Owned, we take vehicle maintenance seriously. That’s why all of our reliable pre-owned vehicles have been thoroughly inspected inside and out to ensure that we’re always providing you with the best quality possible. To check out our impressive inventory of pre-owned vehicles, click here or stop in to our lot today!
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