It is finally time for you to reach your destiny and achieve your dreams. To become the best version of yourself, all it takes is a little bit of performance-enhancing initiative; luckily, the Ford Edge is equipped with everything you need to succeed on a profound scale.

Thanks to Sport mode, the Edge ST can unleash tremendous force instantaneously. The eight-speed transmission is automatic, but it boldly emulates the power of a manual system. With intensive energy modulation and steering-wheel gear access, zooming potential is no longer a mere pipe dream.

While this fearless ride predominantly focuses on speed, it also knows how to quit while it is ahead. The Auto Start-Stop system preserves fuel by hibernating the engine completely during traffic jams and stoplight intervals. For getting around Lebanon, PA in an economical manner, this technology is invaluable. Just ask Keller Bros. Ford Lebanon about a test drive to see what we mean.

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