Ford Pass Everything You Need To Know

FordPass™ is a combination of safety, security, entertainment and information features all rolled into one mobile app. It’s meant to enhance your Ford ownership experience by offering a slew of features designed to better connect you to your car and help to plan for the road ahead. From something as simple as unlocking your Ford vehicle with the tap of a button or searching for the nearest gas station when you’re running on empty, FordPass™ will be your new best friend. The FordPass™ app will even connect you with your preferred Ford dealer in the case of emergency, or just to schedule routine Ford service. Contact our Ford dealership near Hershey, PA, to learn more.

How to Connect and Control with FordPass™

With FordPass™, you can access your vehicle’s information and perform a multitude of tasks within your vehicle's extensive list of accessibility features. What does that mean? Normal workaday functions like locking and unlocking the vehicle can now be activated through FordPass™. Even better, your Ford vehicle can be locked or unlocked from anywhere with your smartphone. You can even schedule when your vehicle should start so that it's warmed up or cooled down before you even get in the driver's seat. And most importantly, your Ford vehicle will always be communicating with you within the app. You can even get vehicle health alerts and service reminders when your vehicle needs attention. Are you low on oil? You can check that on the app, too!

What Is FordPay?

Now, imagine this. You’re in a rush and need to pick your Ford truck up from a service appointment. FordPay is about to become your best friend. Located under the Wallet function in the app, FordPay is the fastest and easiest way to pay for your Ford vehicle service. Just add your preferred debit or credit card in Wallet and pay for your service right from the app. Simple, easy and secure.

Can I Use FordPass™ with My Vehicle?

FordPass™ can be used by anyone and everyone with a capable smartphone. The full breadth of features in the app are only available to those with a SYNC® Connect-enabled vehicle. Contact Keller Bros. Ford Lebanon to discuss FordPass™-capable vehicles. You won’t want to miss out on everything that this breakthrough technology has to offer. And it’s our job to make sure you don’t.

How Do I Get FordPass™?

It’s just as simple to download the FordPass™ app as it is to use it! All you need to do is open your Google Play store on your Android phone or open the App Store on your Apple phone. With a couple of taps on your smartphone, you could be headed to enjoying the next level of Ford vehicle ownership. The future of owning a Ford is here. It’s about time you enjoy all the benefits of FordPass™!

Drive on in to Keller Bros. Ford Lebanon today and speak with out talented team of FordPass™ experts to learn about all the wonderful things you could experience in a new Ford vehicle today!