Leasing New Ford Trucks at Keller Bros. in Lebanon, PA   

Ford's known around the world for producing some of the most powerful, reliable, and capable pickup trucks designed to support any kind of work and play. For a job well done, you can't do better than one of Ford's latest trucks, like the versatile 2022 F-150, the powerful 2022 F-150, or the compact 2022 Maverick. At Keller Bros. Ford in Lebanon, we offer a vast range of elite pickup trucks so you can always find the perfect model for your needs and lifestyle. Leasing is an increasingly popular way for drivers to experience everything that Ford trucks can offer, and our dealership makes the leasing process simple and effective. Let's take a closer look!

Advantages of Leasing

Leasing a new Ford pickup instead of purchasing one comes with a long list of benefits. One of the best advantages is how much more affordable our leases are than buying a new model. That's because you're only required to cover the cost of depreciation with a lease, while a traditional purchase means you'll need to cover the cost of the truck as a whole. Basically, leasing only requires that you pay for the value lost within your lease period. Also, maintaining your Ford is simpler when you lease. For example, rather than paying out of pocket for an oil change or to get your truck's tires rotated, lease contracts typically cover all necessary routine maintenance. You'll still need to take the truck for proper servicing, but you don't have to cover the costs yourself.

Ready for a Change of Pace?

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Our Vast Inventory

At Keller Bros. Ford in Lebanon, you'll discover all the latest 2022 Ford truck models ready for your next adventure. We offer trucks built for heavy duty jobs at the worksite, like the Ford F-350, and models that can handle a wide range of recreational and professional goals, like the compact and powerful Ford Ranger. With any new Ford truck in our growing selection, you're always supported with long-lasting performance and a plethora of advanced features for engaging drives wherever ambition calls.

Leasing at Keller Bros. Ford

When you lease from our dealership in Lebanon, you can expect a supported and exciting experience throughout the entire process. Our sales team will work closely with you to discover the right Ford truck for your needs, and our financial team will help find the leasing terms best suited for your driving style. Additionally, since maintenance costs are covered by your contract, we make that process easy too with our convenient service options. Our expert technicians know all Ford trucks inside and out, so you can rest assured it's in good hands.

To get the most out of our Ford truck lease deals, get in touch with our team at Keller Bros. Ford today. We're dedicated to making sure you get behind the wheel of a premium pickup truck, especially one with all the performance options and new features you need for any job or destination. Contact us online to learn more about everything we can do for you.

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